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If you're an archive virgin then prepare for enthrallment.

The Marlboro Man actually included a variety of masculine figures such as athletes, gunsmiths, and captains, but the rugged cowboy image proved the most marketable.

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Thus, online chatters have no free service to find random people to make new friends.

Yahoo chat messenger is still available to download and people can add friends to their messenger list.

This type of representation has been criticized for objectifying women and contributing to the underlying culture of violence toward women.

-Though the commercial '1984' which launched the Apple Macintosh computer, ran just one time on American television, during the Super Bowl, it has had a lasting impact on advertising.

This type of advertising is termed guerrilla or stealth advertising to label a breed of edgy urban advertisements.-A Disney ad which showed a woman with the words "lift my shirt to see more" over her breasts was banned in 2009.

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