Xcode folder reference not updating 2016 dating international tip

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So you can move a file out of the group into another without moving the corresponding file on the file system.And you can add a file into the “real” folder on the file systems and the file will not appear automatically in the project navigator. Most of the times, you have groups in your project.The same holds true if you add a file or if you rename it.

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I have a folder that contains some image assets for an i OS project, and I want to just add the entire folder (which has subfolders) to an Xcode project.

I do this by just including the path to the folder. But with the change mentioned above, the reference now has an "explicit File Type" attribute, which is set to "sourcecode". If you add a folder reference to an Xcode project, I think the explicit File Type attribute should be set to "folder".

I discovered this by explicitly setting the file type in Xcode to "Directory" and resaving the project.

If you do this, then Xcode can once again access the contents of the folder.

So whilst technically this could be a bug with Xcode (tested with 4 and 5, same behaviour), I don't think it should be too hard to fix in CMake.

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