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However, before dealing with the many significant points in her book, an examination of Jean's own recorded statements and testimony in the past should be made, which raises the question as to whether or not "the lady in red" is, in fact, a credible witness. I would say that the shots rang out and everybody started screaming and falling down." (2) In a lengthy front-page report, Jean was also quoted as indicating that she thought she saw "..someone in the motorcade in street clothes shoot back at a person running up the hill." She also recalled that the motorcade had momentarily stopped, then ".on going at the usual rate of speed for a second and then sped up." As for the motorcylists (one of whom she later revealed knowing personally), ".sped up and some stopped.

Her book, Co-authored with Dallas writer Bill S loan, is entitled, (Pelican: Grema, LA).

Of all the books written about the assassination of President Kennedy over the years, only one so far has been from the point of view of an actual eyewitness to the tragedy, that being Jean Hill.

Mary stated that she had taken two photos of President Kennedy, hearing a shot "ring out" as she "snapped the picture", followed by a second shot, which prompted her to fall to the ground.

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