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And the fact that the station found its way out of a difficult situation and continued broadcasting on medium waves is a great service for a radio station that for several years already reported on the shutdown of broadcasting to the MW and came out of this difficult situation, which can be read in the Internet.

Their Facebook post of April 22 says that they are broadcasting “Across Europe on 1494 MW, 6205 SW and 98FM.” Links: https:// Hot Hits/ am and it has been on that channel since yesterday evening and was still there at am CET today 25 April. There was a station ID but the signal was not strong enough to work out what the announcer had said.

I do not know the country of origin but I think it may be coming from a relay in Ireland somewhere. Sometimes it faded up stronger but not at the right times. It had disappeared by around 10 pm British Summer time.

News is on the hour every hour, the rest is just music and station announcements.

The programme can be heard as well via internet: now (2230 UTC 25/4) and 6205 (2245 UTC) with different programs, heard via various European SDRs.

There had been a signal coming from Ireland intermittently using this channel back in January 2017, but that had been fairly strong. Bell Media announced this morning that CFTE 1410 Vancouver will be dropping its TSN Sports format on April 30th to become All Business BLOOMBERG RADIO 1410.

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