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The great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin went to school here, and so did his successors, the poets Anna Akhmatova and Nikolai Gumilev. She had a palace built here and a park planted with a pond in the middle. One, Znamenskaya, or the Church of the Holy Sign, still stands.Before 1917, Russian tsars spent their childhood here, and after, Soviet orphans lived where the tsars used to live. It is believed to be the oldest stone building in town.The original name of the Gorodok, or housing area, was “Houses for the clergy and service personnel of His Majesty’s St.

All equipment was removed from inside it ten years later.

There was a factory here in Soviet time, which first manufactured primus prickers and later on, irons and vacuum cleaners.

The ornate Catherine Cathedral, built in 1835-1840 to the design of the court architect Konstantin Ton, towers in the middle of Pushkin.

While it is not one of the main local landmarks, the central location of this church makes it an ideal starting point for walking tours, as well as an ideal dating site.

Bedecked with neo-Egyptian relief sculptures, the gate once served as a grand entrance into town from the direction of St. The gate was badly damaged in the Great Patriotic War, but has been carefully restored. This faux Gothic technical installation resembles a castle.

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