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However, the relative isolation and inaccessibility of the Alaska marmot's range has served to hinder research on its distribution and natural history, and it remains the most poorly studied marmot species in North America. These 2 alpine areas lie directly north of and adjacent to the Yukon River, between the Alaska Range and the Brooks Range.

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We report the 1st confirmed records of this species outside of the Brooks Range and a commensurate range extension of 400 km southward. The northern- and easternmost specimens were collected at Lake Peters, 160 km west of the Alaska–Yukon border (Bee and Hall 1956; this study).

The Yukon River appears to form the current boundary between the parapatric distributions of ) inhabit boulder fields, talus slopes, and rock outcrops in the alpine tundra of northern Alaska (Bee and Hall 1956). The westernmost specimens came from the Lisburne Peninsula at the edge of the Brooks Range bordering the Chukchi Sea (Childs 1969; Hall and Gilmore 1934; Pruitt 1966).

Table 1 contains information regarding specific survey efforts. Most, but not all, surveys were conducted by UAM researchers, who kept detailed field notes about observations. Summary of specimen data (newly reported in this study).

All voucher specimens were deposited at the University of Alaska Museum (see Table 2 for a list of specimens cited herein). Measurements (in mm) are from skin tags, database, or collectors notes (F = female, M = male, TL = total length, tail = length of tail, HF = hind foot length, EFN = length of ear from notch, and X = not recorded).

Extractions were performed in the Ancient DNA Laboratory at the University of Alaska Museum (UAM; a polymerase chain reaction-free building).

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