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If the fully loaded sled weighs less than the minimum, it is perfectly legal to add weight to make up the difference. (Probably even the Swiss, whose bobsled team comes across as more than a trifle arrogant.) Nor is there any of that worship of a particular sport that makes baseball movies so unendurable for people outside of North America, Cuba and Japan.

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Gordon Bombay is forced to withdraw from the minor hockey league with a knee injury.

Much to his surprise, he is given the job of coach of Team USA Hockey for the Junior Goodwill Games in ...

See full summary » Irving Blitzer disgraced himself when putting extra weights into his team's bob in the Olympics, resulting in his gold medal being taken away from him.

Years later, Derice Bannock, son of a former friend of Irv, fails to qualify for the 100-yard sprint for the Olympics due to a stupid accident.

In a nation well known for super-sizing its scenery, we gorged on snowy vistas and mountains bigger than our Kiwi eyes had ever seen.

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