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One of the main event matches pitted Vince Mc Mahon and Donald Trump in a Hair vs Hair match.

Umaga was Vince’s representative to battle Lashley, who was in Trump’s corner.

Brock's new contract with WWE allows him to return to the UFC, but obviously, the UFC would have to be interested in Lashley as well for this to happen. I'm not sure what to make of the whole "side chick" part of it, but if it leads to a match between the two then that would be fine with us!

Lashley said, "Paul will reach out to me out of nowhere with a tweet or text. One of the criticisms of WWE is that there have been very few African-American world champions, especially in the past decade.

Some of the other established wrestlers who witnessed the incident approved of Lashley’s blunt remarks.

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