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* 2004 - He knew that Sierra was holding Craig against his will and kept quiet.

* 2004 - After Paul Ryan turned on him, he assaulted Paul.

Now, to complicate Dusty's life even more, Craig Montgomery, Johnny's biological father, came back to Oakdale. She befriended Craig, reassuring him that she trusted him again in order to gain unlimited access to Johnny. She told Lucinda that she owed it to Johnny since she had let his mom die.

Lucinda told her that she didn't let her die, but to Lucy, it was just the same.

Emily and Meg were able to confirm that Craig made a mistake. However, Dusty stayed in Oakdale, helping Emily get her son, Daniel, back from kidnappers, while he waited for leads on Johnny and Lucy.

While he was helping Emily, they learned that her sister, Alison, was hooked on Meth and doing porn films in Las Vegas.

Dusty stayed for a while, but later decided that he wanted to move on.

Grayson mccouch dating

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