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You can receive a no-cost, confidential consultation 24 hours a day with one of our on-call licensed private investigators. They can be reached toll free at 1 (800) 828-9198 or contacted through our online free consultation system. No original content or images may be reproduced by any means without the express written consent of ICS World, L. ICS employs private investigators across the United States and internationally, and many of our investigators have previously served as local police, federal law enforcement, state intelligence, or military intelligence.

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Our efficiency and teamwork saves you time and maintains integrity throughout the case process.

Many of our agents are multi-lingual and are cultural, national, and gender diverse.

Find a local Private Investigator: ICS or International Counterintelligence Services refers to one or more of the associations, companies, or affiliates operating under the ICS or International Counterintelligence Services trade name.

Each ICS company is independently owned and operated.

Private investigators at International Counterintelligence Services (ICS™), Authorized Licensees, Strategic Alliance Members, and Authorized Sub-Contract Investigators; and our supporting group of forensic experts, counterintelligence agents, and legal information specialists consistently get results for most types of clients.

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