German dating customs Kostenloser webcam sex chat

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Some of these are observed nation-wide and some are observed in certain regions.

And some may not even be observed at all (especially among the younger generation).

A white ribbon is tied to the antennas of cars for the procession through town. At the reception the first dance is usually a waltz and reserved for the bride and groom.

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The bride's mother will dance with the groom's father.

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Friends of the groom may throw a modest Bachelor Party () at a local pub a couple of weeks before the wedding.

Rice is thrown as the bride and groom exit the church. The ribbons are usually handed out by the bride to guests as they leave the church.

A civil ceremony is all that is needed to make a marriage legal in Germany and many couples opt only for this simple ceremony that is usually held with a few close relatives and friends as witnesses.

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