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The centrifugal pump met that specification but it had never been developed to operate against high discharge heads.

Arutunoff therefore successfully undertook to design a centrifugal pump, small in diameter and with a multiplicity of stages to achieve high discharge pressure.

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Arutunoff's study of power transmission showed that electrical transmission of power can be efficiently applied at nearly all conditions.

His ambition was to apply the results of his study to oil drilling and improve the antiquated methods he saw in use in the early 1900's in Russia.

Indeed, it remains a surprise to many in the industry that the first functional use of an ESP was actually on surface in a horizontal configuration from the test bench used in designing the ESP.

When Arutunoff awoke the next morning he was rather famous, for the pump was literally an overnight success.

To do this, a small, yet high horsepower electric motor was needed.

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