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My own first expensive purse purchase did not go so well, and I hate to say it but I see similarities between your pending purchase and my purchase. I loved (and still love) the way this thing looks: but if I carry it two days a year it’s a good year.

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Which are the best Mary Poppins-sized tote bags for the office?

– I’m being bullied my the partner I work for, back-to-back 100-hour weeks while the rest of the group doesn’t seem as busy, haven’t had a weekend off since January.

Binders, umbrellas, water, heels, hair and makeup, food, pens, nail file, gloss, fan, gloves — EVERYTHING fits into my trusty Mary Poppins bag.

That said…I’m ready to upgrade to something more sophisticated.

We just covered weekender bags (probably too big for you) as well as interview bags (probably too small for you) so I’d encourage you to look to two other options: either Lo & Sons OG bag (so called for overnight/gym, pictured — it’s a nice, durable bag with TONS of space and lots of organization – my review here; it’s also a perpetual reader favorite) or the Longchamp bag that everyone has (no organization to speak of, but it has a certain cache to it — and, whoa, now available in leather).

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