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It was almost social media before there was a social media.

So give these 60 Big Brother resources a look and discover the show, or walk down memory lane, exploring past seasons.

Rob thinks he’s very likeable and easy to root for, but he’s not convinced he’s a great game player. Rob thinks she changed the game– there was no jury before her. He thinks she is likeable and “so not a threat” that she sticks around longer. Some stats on this BB Top 14 list: It includes 7 males and 7 females, 7 winners and 7 non-winners.

Rob and Kos think she should be higher on this list. Also she is likely to win whenever she makes it to the end because no one is mad at her. Rob and Kos thinks she’s a good player but she may be a little high on this list. He’s someone who knows the game inside and out and one of the most memorable winners. Will almost doubled everyone else’s score, and was 1st or 2nd on 58% of the ballots, and appeared on 68% of the ballots. There are 5 players from seasons 1-7, and 9 from seasons 8-13.

Kos and Rob give big props to Curt Clark for setting up the poll and getting rid of the spoof ballots.

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