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You can rev the handle like a motorbike to imbue it with power, which is a time consuming process, until you buy an upgrade that instantly charges the blade with a well-timed press of the left trigger.It's tricky, but a great high-level technique if you can master it.Who was Sparda and how does Dante fit into this gothic puzzle?

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DMC4's most satisfying moments happen here, when you nuke a packed room into a sea of red orbs with Lady's launcher.

Enemies drop globby soul orbs when they die, which you hoover into your chest and keep until you find a shrine.

Break their guard and you can use the arm to throw them, or even hold them to use as a meat shield as you keep up your frenzied assault - most satisfying.

Every attack chain is watched by a judgemental score tally that rewards variety and improvisation.

It's a good job fighting is still fun, because the rest of the package hasn't aged well.

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