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In the bedroom, Dawn was still crying and holding her broken hand. "All right, you do what you need to do, but move your things out of our bedroom; I'm not sleeping with you now. I don't know when I'll be back but we'll have this out then. She got the children their meals and told them she had trapped her hand in a door. " The doctor bound her fingers up and gave her an anti-tetanus jab. Wait a minute then your The doctor left the cubical. I'm begging you to see that and forgive me, Harold! That could give him anguish if he's not got a wife. " "No, no I don't." Dawn was worried and hesitated as she spoke, "If it goes to court they'll try to make it look as if I led him on or I am a prostitute and a drug user. I showered after you went out, I needed to get clean. If that fails I'll show him the bat again." "Then will you let me stay? OR, the Vicar's wife could be asked to consent to the search, without need for probable cause or a warrant. And the anon who said the wife's father wouldn't deal with husband for violently assaulting his daughter clearly has never had ANY children and certainly if anon is a male, he's never had ANY daughters!!!

Her husband shook her shoulder and she winced again. Oh, and clean yourself up and get dressed before they get home. I'm not ready to talk to you just now." "Don't go to the vicarage! "Please don't hurt him, the police will arrest you! She struggled to shower and dress herself, but managed. They asked when their Dad would be home and she only said later. "Well, it's just that Reverend Hadley was in here telling me the heavy door at the church swung to and trapped him. Immediately the curtain flew open again and the Mrs Hadley strode in. I spoke to your mother and she said you were in A&E. " "Well it appears I fractured his arm and a couple of his ribs. I've seen it before with women in court and there are no witnesses. Given her state of mind, consent is a near certainty. (Husband had the intent to do damage--assault, battery, and deliberate infliction of grevious bodily harm are all general intent crimes!

They looked at her blackened, swollen fingers and agreed she must go to the A&E department. I didn't know whether to believe him or not, but your hand seems to confirm what he said." She nodded, "Oh daddy, I'm so ashamed and so sorry. I doubt he'll want to after I've finished with him. He even gave her the excuse, "he raped you didn't he?

Her father took her while mother stayed with the children. And he certainly won't stay if there is a court case." Back at home that evening, Dawn sat with her parents and waited for Harold. " "Reverend Hadley came here and he was very calm and gentle around me. Can I be sure you didn't go along with him and now regret being caught? " Well yes of course she'd say he did just to cover her tracks.

" "No, I won't hurt that arsehole, but I may just pay a short visit to him and his dear wife." Harold left, got into his car and drove away. Her hand hurt like hell and she was sure her fingers were broken. After dinner Dawn phoned her mother and asked her to come and help her because she had hurt her hand. As the doctor worked she told him that she had an accident with a door, it slammed shut on her hand. We had a visit from your husband this evening and James hid so he wouldn't have to face him. Yes, I did want him to carry on making love to me then. So, legally, he's guilty of those crimes against his wife!

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