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Many critics of Christianity continue to argue against the trustworthiness of the New Testament record but, in fact, every new archaeological find has been on the side of scripture, not the sceptics.

What the late biblical archeologist Nelson Glueck wrote in 1959 remains true: “It may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has ever controverted a biblical reference” and “scores of archaeological findings have been made which confirm in clear outline or exact detail historical statements in the Bible”.

You have to look and see what topics the Old Testament talks about and what kinds of phrases the Old Testament keeps repeating, and then try to compare that to the topics and phrases that were common in different historical time periods.

That kind of analysis does have some room for reasonable differences of opinion, but there’s still some real scholarship to be done — it’s not all guesswork.

Fragments of olive wood were found at the point of the nail, revealing the wood of the cross on which he died.

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