Brett micheals who is he dating validating date with javascript

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She split from the Poison frontman in July 2008, saying that “with his tour line-up, there was no time for a relationship.” But Lake says she believes her former flame will eventually find his way back to Gibson, who’s had an on-again off-again relationship with Michaels for 10 years. We were in love, but he totally wanted to make it work with Kristi,” Lake reveals.

“Kristi is great for Bret, but he has a very big life. “We all move in and out of love, and maybe they decided they were better as co-parents than as a couple,” the blonde bombshell said.

'All these memories went flashing through my head of him.

I think that Lacey is such a liar becasue when her dad visited the show he was saying that she is a total angel.

Season 2 winner Ambre Lake, who briefly dated Michaels after the finale, admits that it’s tough being with a rock star.

“Kristi will always be in his life and he’ll always love her.

Actress Kristi Gibson’s ex-man, singer Bret Michael is unstoppable!

There is no doubt Kristi will always be a big part of his life, should she step in and tell Bret to slow down to take better care of himself?

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