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The wedding took place at their house in Beverly Hills, California, which was attended by her mother and brother and Ellen's parents- the couple only had 17 guests in total on their big day.

In September 2012 a Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner granted Portia's request to have the last name of her wife and now she is legally called Portia Lee James De Generes.

K-Word #5), verliebt sich Anni (Linda Marlen Runge) nächste Woche in Jasmin (Janina Uhse).

Die lesbische Musikerin war 2012 in der britischen Ausgabe von X-Factor die haushohe Favoritin, bis sie wegen einer Erkrankung aufgeben musste.

When he was interviewed on the Ellen De Generes show he said that they had been dating since 2004.

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